The wind on my face, leaves, boughs and grass crunching under my feet, the salty taste of dust on a hot day, or the metallic taste of rain in the spring are the senses that connect me to myself. That connection grants me creative energy, or freedom, to choose words, and create phrases, scenes and dialogues that tell my stories. Ink on white paper, and typeface on a screen can then evoke those same senses of touch, smell and taste for my reader.

Caramel-coloured leather invokes the natural beauty of wood. Its soft touch feels like dappled sunlight on trees. Indigo walls summon the calming stillness of a fresh water lake, the wide arc of an evening sky, or a summer storm building on the horizon.

The space is calming, yet inspiring. A glimmer of gold and a gleam of marble invite light and added warmth to the space.

When I am in my writing retreat the cacophony of the every day fall away. My writing mind is then free to create stories, inviting the reader to share a world of the imagination. The warm nubs of natural wool under my feet, and a warm textured shawl create the same sense of ease and safety I feel outdoors. I feel free to get vulnerable on paper, to write from deep within. Writing is process of never ending decision-making.

Each word, sentence, paragraph is deliberate. When I am fully immersed, it can be draining. My writer’s retreat needs to refresh both my mind, and my body.

Buddha bowls are refreshing, nutritious, and don’t detract from the writing at hand! Family and friends enjoy my space too. A place this beautiful is meant for sharing. Simple, clean food served on a monkey wood table set with antique silver glasses, stoneware dishes and wood trays appeals to a diverse crowd.
Chopped carrots, spiralized beetroot, shredded cabbage, sliced cucumber and halved radishes contrast the deep red, brown and gold of the wooden table, just as daffodils, tulips, and periwinkle do the fresh earth of spring.

Every piece of writing is a new beginning. Clean eating and fresh food supports nature’s way of living life. My writer’s retreat offers new beginnings, health, healing, and creativity.