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“By some people the meal itself is a long delay between the appetizer and the dessert” - Gertrude Berg

The ideal course for sharing and sampling more adventurous flavors, an appetizer can be a great way of adding a touch of flair to a menu without adding to the amount of time spent in the kitchen.

The ideal appetizer is simple and tasty, served in smaller portions to ensure guests don’t fill up before the main event, while showcasing local favorites or seasonal ingredients. We also love the simplicity of being able to add a new twist to an old classic, taking familiar appetizers to new heights.

Whether you are looking for an evening showstopper to impress your guests, that little something extra to complement your main course, or some finger food to keep the hordes in check, you’ll find it all here.

Crowd Pleasing Holiday Appetizers: Artichoke Dip
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Fabulous at a Cocktail Party! Delicious hot or cold!

Flower Power Radish Medallions
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The creamy horseradish in this tea sandwich gives a surprisingly delightful kick to each bite

Recent Recipes - Appetizers

Parmesan Sweetheart Crackers

Parmesan Sweetheart Crackers

Bring a little love to your cheese board. Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to craft these savoury crackers. The subtle flavors of parmesan cheese and olives pair well with most cheeses. Use your favorite cookie cutter to create your own tasty version.