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At Venue And Menu, we strive to tell our stories as multi-sensory experiences, framing each one in its unique color narrative. We are looking for the harmony and the coherence in each stories we tell. Most often, we find a subtle but perfect resonance between the place, the colors, the food and the people who are creating those unique experiences and that, is what is making the journey well worth it.

The Team

We are a team of creative thinkers, who insist on living life as a multisensory experience. We argue that when we engage all our senses through touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight, only then do we really begin to experience the full breadth of things and get the whole story.

Josette Buisson


Josette is the creative director for Venue and Menu. Her work methodology is grounded in 25 years of research in the fields of market trends pertinent to color, design, brand image and multi platforms marketing programs. Josette has always been fascinated by the concept of synesthesia and the meaning we give to our experiences through the layering of our senses. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Karen Chadwick


Karen’s passion for design and decor started early. Her ability to pull a design together and execute a plan in short order speaks volumes about her passion and discipline. She loves stylizing life, traveling abroad, collecting objects, cooking worldly recipes and continues to document her journeys the old fashioned way... with a paper journal.

Linda Chadwick


Linda, as an entrepreneur with over 35 years experience in the retail business has developed, along with her sister Karen, a unique lifestyle brand with their company, Queensbridge Mill, which focuses on living the good life from food, entertaining, home decor and travel. Creating and enjoying delicious food in a beautiful setting is her passion and she looks forward to bringing her enthusiasm and expertise to the table at Venue and Menu.

Annie St-Arneault


Bringing life into each piece that she touches is how Annie approaches her work. While visiting places, her goal is to find the perfect angle with the perfect light. Heart driven, she puts all her passion into what she does. That’s why photographing food is a way for her to express an artistic mood with more than just a “click” of the camera button. “My parents always told me not to play with food. Now I play with it as I want!”

Ian Chouinard


Creative and artistic in everything he touches, Ian has been playing the blues for as long as he has been creating visual art and graphic design. Ian can, like no one else, turn a 1000-word story into the perfect image.

Patrice Hanulak


Patrice honed her design skills in the world of landscape architecture by creating beautiful spaces in exciting places. She brings this love of all things beautiful and well designed to Venue and Menu and helps to guide the team in the day-to-day details.


Here at Venue and Menu, we take our stories, readers and collaborations, to heart. All of our articles, features and recipes are carefully chosen by our editorial team. We occasionally send out emails featuring products from our affiliate partners. We would never sell, loan or share our subscriber list. Your information is safe with us.

The Venue and Menu Team


As people, we share a love of homes and cherish the small things that allow people to connect to these spaces. They are the fruit of many careful deliberations, for homes certainly aren’t built in a day. Places shape personalities, and vice versa.

At Venue and Menu, we share a passion for carefully curated spaces that reflect distinctive personalities, while combining comfort, beauty and soul.


Meet the makers and the dreamers, the devoted artisans, the savvy business minds, the relentless athletes, the restaurateurs, winemakers, tea sommeliers, and culinary masterminds that make our world go round. We believe in people, first and foremost, and that their passions make the world a better place. We are so proud to be able to introduce all of these incredible souls to you, one story at a time.


Our color palettes deliver each story carefully wrapped in a simple color scheme, where different tones and hues blend together like the notes of a melody. Discover the palette that will suit your story, or let us custom design one to represent your unique story.


While food is an essential part of life, we believe that there is more to it than sustenance. The menus we create reflect different characters and dispositions, through colors, flavors and tastes, as well as particular moments in life.

We design our menus with real people in mind. From the busy working mom to the casual weekend chef, we provide recipes to please every palate and that embody our themes for a complete lifestyle experience.


Travel with us to a space filled with visual moments that come together to form a narrative, to share what we find beautiful, delicious, and inspiring. We hope to convey different styles, interests, and relationships by taking you along on our adventures and sharing some of the magic that goes on behind the scenes.


Our team of expert buyers put together seasonal shopping lists to make your home, body and soul just a little sharper, shinier and new. Curated with heart and discernment.